Preventing Identity Theft

The statistics are scary: An estimated 15.4 million consumers were hit with some kind of identity theft in 2016, according to Javelin Strategy & Research, up from 13.1 million the year before. Don’t let yourself join those alarming statistics!

With the help of your social security number, a thief can steal your identity and wreak havoc with your credit status and life. Best case, the thief will go on a spending spree with your credit cards. Worst case, he’ll get new cards, open new accounts, take out loans, and/or commit a crime in your name. Here’s what you can do today to keep yourself – and your good name – safe.

  • Never carry your social security card in your wallet. It’s just too dangerous to have that information where it can fall into the wrong hands. Also, don’t carry your birth certificate or passport unless absolutely necessary.
  • Be very cautious when giving out your social security number. Most places that ask for it do not require you to provide it. Ask first, “What happens if I don’t want to provide that?”
  • Make sure your mail is delivered to a locked box. Or try to collect your mail as soon as it’s delivered to your mailbox. Place outgoing checks or sensitive documents directly in a postal service collection box. And opt out of receiving unsolicited credit card and insurance offers at
  • Carry only the bare minimum of credit cards in your wallet. Opt for credit cards with your photo on them. And don’t carry your checkbook.
  • Don’t use common identifiers for passwords. For example, don’t use your mother’s maiden name, your birth date, or your pet’s name. Change passwords frequently.
  • Opt out of having your financial information shared by banks and brokerage and insurance companies. Federal law requires these companies to give you the right to opt out of having your information shared.
  • Toss computers with care. Make sure to completely wipe out all information on the hard drive before you discard.
  • Shred any paper with personal identification information such as your social security number, birth date and account numbers

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