Linda’s kitchen

Linda’s Kitchen

Linda’s kitchen had become the catch-all area for everything coming into the house including her kid’s homework and art projects, her husband’s house projects, and all bills and paperwork. Unfortunately once it entered the kitchen it never left! As a result her kitchen counters were so cluttered it was hard for her to find the papers she really needed, not to mention cook.

Linda and I worked together to declutter her kitchen and get rid of everything that didn’t belong. We found homes for everything that she really wanted in the kitchen so that it is now easy for her whole family to pitch in and keep the kitchen clutter free.

The kids now have places for their homework and art projects so they don’t end up on the kitchen table. Her husband has a place to store his keys and wallet, but moves his own projects to his office or workroom.



Linda can now make quick decisions on bills and paperwork so that they don’t end up on the kitchen counters. And, most importantly, she can cook again!

“Before Cathy helped me, I felt overwhelmed by the mess in my kitchen. I have a beautiful kitchen but I was too embarrassed to have friends over to my house. Cathy didn’t just help me declutter my kitchen, she taught me how to keep it organized and clutter free. And I have been able to use the skills she taught me to organize other areas of my house. I love my kitchen and entertaining again!” – Linda

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