Keeping Your Electronic Gadgets Safe

Smartphones and computers make our lives oh-so-much easier. But they can be a gateway to identity theft if they fall into the wrong hands. Here are a few tips to stay safe.

PHONES: Back up its information regularly. Use a password so a thief can’t access your cell phone information or make calls. Use a strong password (NOT 1-2-3-4) so your data stay secure if it falls into the wrong hands. If your phone is stolen, call your cell phone provider to disconnect your number right away.

PLANNER: Don’t keep sensitive information written in your planner. Passwords, credit card numbers, and – gasp – your social security number should NOT be in there. Also, make it easy for someone to return your lost planner by writing your work or cell phone number on the inside front cover. Don’t list your home address.

COMPUTERS/LAPTOPS: Back up essential information  regularly. Don’t ever take your eyes off your laptop when traveling. If you store sensitive information related to your financial health on your computer, contact the major credit bureaus if your computer is stolen. Also note that when connected to the Internet, you’re vulnerable to hackers who want your personal information. Install a computer security system and update it often. Don’t open e-mail attachments from unknown senders, and disconnect from the Internet when not in use. Make your passwords hard-to-guess combinations of letter, numbers and special characters.

If you are already following all these tips, congratulations!  If not, pick one and implement it!

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Cathy Dryden

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