Julie’s dining room

Julie’s Dining Room

Julie had several losses hit her at the same time – she was getting divorced, lost her best friend, and her small business.   As a result, the area she used for her business (her dining room) was left alone for several years.

A large amount of clutter had built up, and Julie needed help and support going through it, and organizing her dining room. We were able to declutter, organize the remaining items, and find Julie’s dining room table just in time to start decorating for Easter.

For the first time in several years, her daughter and her were able to eat in the dining room.   In addition to her dining room, Julie and I worked together to declutter her large five bedroom house and meet Julie’s overall goal of moving into a smaller apartment.

“Cathy worked with me on several occasions, slowly decluttering, organizing, and always being SO supportive and mindful of my emotional difficulties that would interfere, or memories that might arise making it difficult to deal with certain items. She always gave me a list of things that I could work on while she was gone which were manageable, and was always there to answer an e-mail in between. The most wonderful service that Cathy provided was that she was extremely helpful with recycling and donating so that I could feel as though many things were going to be reused rather than tossed into the trash. She even takes the items to be donated with her when she leaves and takes care of the donation process, which for me was a HUGE bonus. The stuff was gone, and each room would be done when she left that day. I never once felt like Cathy ever judged me, or that it wasn’t going to get done. She was fair, gave me an assessment, and a plan of action. She was always extremely professional, but so truly kind. I cannot express how impressed I was with her services.” – Julie

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