What to do with gifts you don’t like


Did you absolutely love every gift you got this year?  No?  How long are you going to keep it for?  1 year, 10 years, forever?

So, here’s the 2 things I learned from DEAR ABBY™ about gifts:

  1. Thank the giver sincerely whether you liked the gift or not.
  2. Once it’s yours, you can do whatever you want with it.

So, I will assume you’ve already done the first thing – thanked the giver of the gift!

But, now you have a few things you really don’t want.  Guess what – you don’t have to keep them.   I hereby give you permission to let them go.  Yes – even if you got it from your mother.   My mother reads this newsletter and knows that I don’t always keep everything she gives me.  🙂

So, what to do with gifts that you don’t need or like?

  1. If you think someone else will like it, start a re-gift area.  Use a sticky note to mark who you got the gift from, so you don’t have any embarrassing re-gift moments.  Then feel free to give the gift to someone you think will like it better than you!
  2. Donate the gift to a charity that can use it.  We all have so many things that we don’t use.  Why not give it to someone who will really appreciate it?
So, remember DEAR ABBY’s™ wise words that you don’t have to keep every gift you get, and help reduce clutter in your own home.
**This message has been approved by my Mom**

Cathy Dryden

I am Cathy Dryden, and I started neat chic organizing to empower others to lead more fulfilling lives by helping them to become more organized through individualized coaching and training.

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