Francine’s basement neatened

Francine’s basement

Francine had a great area for toy storage in her basement, but it had become overflowed to the point that it was unusable.

She was in the process of getting divorced when we first started working together, and Francine was struggling with maintaining the house on top of working full time and taking care of 4 children.

Francine's basement before

Francine’s basement before

Her ex-husband had added to the problem by using the “throw everything in a bag and hide it in the closet” technique whenever they had people over.

We worked together to go through all the garbage bags, and pulled out the toys that she wanted to keep.

We organized them in bins with labels to make it easy for the kids to put them away on their own. As a result, Francine was able to move her holiday decorations from her dining room to her storage area!

“The thought of attacking that storage area on my own was overwhelming to me. It was very difficult to go through each bag and relive the memory of when my children were younger. With Cathy’s patient assistance, we made it through the whole closet and organized it in a way that my children have been able to maintain. It’s great to have the storage back for all my holiday decorations.” – Francine

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