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Archive Your Files With Ease

What shape is your filing system in? Are your filing drawers stuffed so full that it’s nearly impossible to get another piece of paper into – or out of – them? Once a year, you should take time to review your files and purge as much as possible, leaving room for next year’s papers. 1. […]

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Creating a Filing System in Five Simple Steps

Bills to pay. Newspapers and magazines to read. Receipts, warranties and instructions to save – the list goes on and on. Each day we are bombarded with papers that need our attention. If you feel that papers are taking over your life, read on and learn how to take control of this task. 1. Gather […]

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Simplify your filing system

(04/21/2014) Winter is finally done and taxes have been filed.  It’s National Organize Your Files Week and a good time to simplify your filing system. Who likes to file papers?  Not me!  But, it’s necessary to make sure we can find important papers when we need them.  However, I find many of my clients have […]

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