Sue’s bedroom

Sue’s Bedroom

Sue’s bedroom was not the sanctuary she loved to retire to at the end of a busy day. She had furniture, curtains and bed linens that she loved, but the room was incomplete.

She had thought about painting several times and tried some paint colors on the wall.

Finding the time to paint as a single mom is hard, so the color smears had stayed on her wall for several years. Because she didn’t really like her room, she wasn’t motivated to keep it neat.



Sue and I picked out relaxing colors for her room, and we painted it together. We rearranged her furniture to make better use of the space and set up a reading/knitting area for her.

We also picked out several pictures and fabrics to complete her room. Her room is now the relaxing retreat that every busy mom needs.

“With Cathy’s help, I was able to finish decorating my bedroom and turn it into a room that I love. I love the colors and the pictures we picked out and look forward to spending the end of my day reading and knitting in my own wonderful bedroom. Because I love my space, I am so much more motivated to keep it lovely. Thank-you, Cathy!” -Sue

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