Services + Pricing

Bookcase Professional Organizing Services

  • I customize my approach to meet your needs.  I can provide hands on coaching and assistance to help you organize your space, or I can develop a plan for you to follow.  Every client is different and I most often employ a combination of techniques.
  • In general, I recommend that you NOT purchase organizing containers before you start organizing.  That is a good way to add more clutter to your home.  I will work with you to provide recommendations on the size and type of containers that make sense for you.
  • Most of my clients want to know that the things they don’t need anymore will be put to good use.  Almost everything you have can be donated or recycled and need not end up in the trash.  I can provide you information on where and how to donate and recycle unwanted items.



  • A complementary assessment and consultation will be provided for free.
  • An estimate of total hours and cost will be provided at the end of the assessment.

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