Emilee’s dorm room decluttered

Emily’s Dorm Room

Emilee was a busy college senior with many responsibilities and activities in addition to her school work. Organizing her dorm room just wasn’t one of her top priorities. As a result, not only was her room cluttered, but her stuff spilled over into the hallway that she shared with other roommates.

A kind aunt decided to give Emilee the gift of organization for her 21st birthday. Working together we were able to de-clutter her room, hallway and front entrance way.

We purchased several new organizing units to help store her belongings. As a result, Emilee now has a “place for everything” and her room is no longer cluttered.

“With Cathy’s help, I was finally able to get my room organized! I can now find what I’m looking for and am not embarrassed to have my friends over. We were able to find a corner space for my art easel and supplies, and I am now able to work on my art projects. Cathy not only helped me get organized, but taught me skills that I can use for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend her.” – Emilee

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