6 Benefits of Parking in the Garage

Do you park your car in the garage? Parking in the garage has many benefits in the short term and long run. Here are 6 reasons why you should park your car in the garage:

1. Protection From The Weather – Rain, snow, hail and the sun are all enemies of your car’s interior and exterior. These elements can rust your car, dent it, compromise your paint, fade your interior and wear away your steering wheel.

2.  Less Likely To Have Theft Or Accidental Damages – When your car is left outside, it is more exposed to theft and vandalism. Thieves aren’t afraid to break your window and steal any valuable items you may have inside.  You also won’t have to worry about accidental damages from neighborhood kids or faulty drivers if your car is parked on the road.

3. Your Car Is Ready To Go – When your car is in the garage in the winter months you won’t have to take the time to heat it up or scrape the ice off your windows. Likewise, in the summer you won’t have to wait as long to cool your car or worry about putting up or taking down a sun shade.

4. Personal Safety For You And Your family  – This is especially important in the winter when sidewalks and driveways are slippery. When you exit the car in a warm, dry garage you and your family are less likely to slip and fall. This is especially important for the elderly or those with small children, but it can happen to anyone. Parking in the garage will also help you and your family feel safer at night when you step out of your car into the privacy and safety of your garage.

5.  Increased Lifetime Value – When you keep your car protected from the weather and vandalism, you will be keeping the interior, exterior and engine in top notch condition. When your car is kept inside the engine stays warm allowing the fluid and oil to be kept at a stable condition. This will extend your engine’s life, keep your car running smoothly, and maintain value for resale.

6. Keep Things Organized -Making it a habit to park your car in your garage will stop you from using it as a dumping ground for your clutter. It will also help you to know when it’s time to get rid of certain things that might be taking up unnecessary space. If you feel your garage has a lot to keep, investing in quality garage storage products can help you organize your garage and make it look great!

Parking your car in the garage has many advantages that will help you maintain your car’s value while also keeping you and your family safe.

Thanks for Meghan Harris of Monkey Bar Systems for this month’s newsletter! You can find the Monkey Bar garage storage system in the Albany area at Impressive Garage.

If you need help decluttering and organizing your garage, so you can benefit from using it to park your car, don’t hesitate to contact me at 518-227-0605 or email me at cathy@neatchicny.com

Cathy Dryden

I am Cathy Dryden, and I started neat chic organizing to empower others to lead more fulfilling lives by helping them to become more organized through individualized coaching and training.


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